• I never thought the Diploma of Business would be so interesting - The different case studies help me to think outside the box. The teachers are very helpful and the facility to study are excellent.
    - Iuliia Nesterenko from Ukraine
      (Dip. Business 2012)
  • CTI is a centrally located campus in the Brisbane CBD with excellent facilities and equipment. The faculty staffs are very helpful and professional and I have enjoyed the Advanced Diploma of Business Course immensely. After completing the course I can confidently say that I have gained the relevant skills and knowledge to help me kick start my career.
    - Andrew Powell from Fiji
      (Advanced Dip. Business 2012)
  • Smaller class sizes make the lessons feel more private and exclusive to me. The high quality equipment and highly experienced educators have gone above and beyond to assist me and I have learnt more than the objectives for the semester.
    - Irina Quiroz Oliva from Venezuela
      (Advanced Dip. Business 2011)
  • Studying at CTI is an added advantage as trained and qualified staff members always guide me to achieve my goals. CTI is located in the heart of the city making it convenient to do my studies at any time. I would highly recommend to all my friends to enrol with CTI.
    - Niloo De Silva from Sli Lanka
      (Advanced Dip. Business 2011)
  • CTI is developed with quality trainers, helpful staff and a great location situated in the heart of Brisbane CBD. I am able to perform which I have learnt in my real life from CTI.
    - Wan-Chen Cheng from Taiwan
      (Dip. Software Development 2011)
  • I studied at Canterbury for 6 months. It was fulfilling time to improve my business knowledge and English skills. The small size of the class enabled the teacher to keep personal attention and have more close relationships with students. If you are active person to study, you will be able to have a great school life here!!
    - Mika Maruyama from Japan
      (Dip. Business 2014)
  • CTI is a great place to study - keeping upto date with systems and technology has been my biggest advantage. The staff are very helpful and a very convenient location.
    - Renata Curvello from Brazil
      (Dip. Software Development 2014)
  • Being a business student of CTI its been a great experience. All staff were good, friendly and helpful. CTI was my first college abroad and it helped me a lot in developing my future.
    - Laboni Teresa Pereira from Bangladeshi
      (Advanced Dip. Business 2011)
  • My CTI experience has been absolutely amazing. They have a comprehensive range of equipment and high quality teachers. The knowledge I got from my course is incredible, and gave me the opportunity to develop my career. I highly recomend CTI as the best school in Brisbane for international students.
    - Julian Fonseca from Colombia
      (Dip. Business 2010)
  • It has been a great experience studying at CTI. It has never been easy to succeed, but the good support of our Principal, well qualified and experienced teachers, and helpful peers all make it easier and more rewarding. The equipment and resources provided are all up-to-date.
    - Shamaila Naz from Dubai
      (Dip. Business 2011)
  • I would just like to say that I really like this institute because all the staff are very good and friendly. They solve all our problems very quickly. It is a very friendly atmosphere. The course is interesting and the trainer helps us with new ideas. I think this is a good course for a brighter future.
    - Prabhjot Singh from India
      (Dip. Business 2011)
  • The one thing that I really like is that CTI is providing qualified teachers with industry experience which for me was very important. The assistance with assignments and projects was very helpful. Not to mention the articulation pathways to university degrees that give me a good oppurtunity and a better career in the future. There are also very good Christmas parties!
    - Roman Durksen from Germany
      (Advanced Dip. Business 2010)
  • For me was great to study at CTI, as it improved my skills very much. They not only taught me how to use the programs but many interesting techniques to make my works look more professional. We were always working with the latest version of the programs and using good equipment.
    - Juan Mendez from Columbia
      (Dip. Business 2010)
  • The ambience of the CTI classrooms is so enlightening that just being present I feel submerged in a sea of knowledge. The trainers are extremely courteous and provide insightful information on every minute detail. CTI administration is very well structured and aesthetically pleasing. All in all CTI is an able and inviting education provider.
    - Navjot Gill from India
      (Dip. Business 2011)
  • CTI is a place where you learn much more than just academics & make friends for life. It has the perfect location (Brisbane CBD), great technology and support staff. A special place for someone who wants something different.
    - Juan Jose Romero from Mexico
      (Dip. Business 2015)
  • CTI provides a unique and personalised service to its students. Supportive staff (academic and administrative), current and practical subjects, convenient location (Brisbane CBD), modern and comfortable facilities, latest equipment and an inviting atmosphere where to acquire the knowledge, best practices and skill set required to excel in today's global business world...
    - Juan Pablo Villena from Santiago, Chile
      (Advanced Dip. Business 2014)