Each child deals differently with separation anxiety. While few might experience it for just the first two or three days there are few children who might take a bit longer to adjust at their new school and become used to their kindergarten class.

In order to reduce any sort of separation anxiety in your child, you as a parent should always be well prepared. When a child is about to enter kindergarten, it’s not just the children who are suffering but parent suffer too. It’s certainly not the best feeling in the world when your child is sobbing and not letting you out of their sight.

There are several question in all parents mind when they deal with their child’s separation anxiety. The first thing which should assure you as a parent is that all children go through some degree of separation anxiety. It’s a sign of an attachment and bond which your child shares with you. Something which should worry you a great deal. All children create a fuss during a time of transition. As a parent it’s up to you to maintain your cool and help make this transition easy on your child. If you are happy and relaxed you would end the same vibes to your child and you would see them making an effort as well.

The following are a few ways which would help reduce separation anxiety before your child starts kindergarten or preschool in Brookvale.

  • Keep those goodbyes as short as possible. This way you can just make sure that your child knows you would be there at the time they are ready to come back home in the afternoon.
  • Try to be consistent in your dropping and pick up times. Children are sensitive if you are late by habit they might take longer to adjust. Make sure you pick them up on time to reduce their anxiety.
  • Make sure to give your child the right attention before you drop them off. Don’t be too stressed or hassled. Your child would pick up on those vibes.
  • Be specific with your child. Tell them you would be there in time. If possible tell them a time when they can expect to see you. This helps the child understand that the separation I only for a while and they are bound to get back with you soon.
  • You can start by practicing some separation techniques before-hand. This could mean leaving the kids with the grandparents or a friend. Keep the timings short and always get back on the time you promised. Avoid delays. This way your child would feel less anxious and take to separation much easier.

Also keep in mind that this anxiety is usually short lived. Once your child starts enjoying school and makes new friends they would actually look forward to saying goodbye to you. It’s only a matter of time during which parents should maintain their cool.


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