Children play according to their cognitive abilities. Children can indulge in constructive play, functional play, fantasy play and games with rules. It all goes hand in hand with the child’s physical and cognitive development. Play is an important part of any preschoolers learning. Through play children can learn a variety of things. The first and foremost they learn social skills. They realise that they work better as a team and so they start understanding the concept of sharing and working together. This is a habit which comes in handy as they grow older and enter school.

The following are some of the playing a child might indulge in when attending day care in Coorparoo.

  • Functional play involves games like running, jumping, sliding and gathering. It normally incorporates the use of different parts of the body. In a preschool children are also taught grouping and stacking which are parts of functional play and normally comes under games which don’t involve any rules. This is the first stage of play and one in which a child would indulge with or without adult encouragement.
  • Constructive play. This involves making objects with Legos and blocks. Children also make use of sand, slime and modelling clay to shape different objects out of the material provided to them. Such kind of play help develop a child’s creativity.
  • Role-playing. This is the make believe side of the play where a child is provided a variety of props which they use and dress up as their favourite characters. Again this is the kind of play which encourages creativity and also helps improve linguistic skills in children.

The most important thing which parents and teachers should do is encourage constructive play. However, care must be taken to view it for what it actually is. Simple play and that’s about it. It should not be encouraged because it would help improve their cognitive ability. It is only encouraged because it something which a child enjoys and which would have a positive impact on the way they view the things around themselves. It is necessary to provide some time for children to indulge in constructive play. An hour a day at least should be allowed for children to free play or enjoy constructing different things.

In order to encourage constructive play you could provide your children with the following:

  • A unit and some building blocks
  • An area for woodwork or other handy material
  • Different puzzles according to the a child’s ability and age
  • Food cartons and empty food boxes of different shapes and sizes
  • Pieces of wood and other raw materials. Make sure all these items are softened and all sharp edges re removed
  • Seas shells
  • Play dough, slime and magic sand which encourage the child to design and shape different things from scratch
  • Paints, easels, brushes, crayons and colour pencils along with old newspapers which the children can paint on.

Constructive play should be encouraged both indoors and outdoors. Choose a child care in Coorparoo which encourages your child to utilise their full potential.


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