Leaving your children to someone else’s custody is hard. Unfortunately, there are parents in Rosebery that are left without a choice but to do so. Lucky to those who have family members who can look after their children while they are working or doing other important chores, but to those who have none, the only option they have left is child care.

There are many child care facilities in Rosebery, where parents can leave their children with ease. It takes time, though before finally deciding which facility to leave your child. Deciding in a rush will never give you and your baby any good.

Factors to consider when leaving children to a child care

If you are not sure yet on where to start, below are some few tips you can consider when looking for child care Rosebery:

1. Look down

Do not just look around, look down, as that is where you can find most answers to your questions. Are the caregivers on the floor playing with the children? Are they carrying one child on their lap? While children are young, they need loving, interactive, close relationships with adults for them to thrive. Hence, it is only necessary that their first caregivers are responsible and warm.

You may also want to check on the ratio of children to caregivers. Are there enough caregivers to take care of the children? It is not necessary that the ratio is 1:1, but at least the number of caregivers must be enough to give every child the attention they need.

2. Ask for an agreement or contract

If the caregiver you will hire will stay in your home, it is best if you ask them for an agreement or contract that they will stay with you for at least a year. Changing the caregiver from time to time is not the most ideal as it requires your child to adjust every time.

Meanwhile, if you are leaving your children to daycare, it is best to ask how long their caregivers are working with them and the turnaround time of their employees.

3. Ask for their policy

Asking the child care’s policy is important. How do they discipline children? Do they let caregivers scold at the children or do they follow time-out? Are children allowed to watch television while on the premises? If so, how long are they allowed, what kind of shows do they let children watch? Also, ask for their feeding policy. What kind of food they serve children, the intervals of meals, and so on.

Another thing to know is their back up plan if the daycare provider or live-in home caregiver is not available to work.

Asking as many relevant questions as possible can help you decide which child care centre to leave your children.

  • Make sure to keep an open communication

Keep the communication lines open. Before leaving your child to the centre, make sure that you let the caregivers know, how was their sleep or what food did you feed them, etc. And when picking them up, you also have to speak with the caregivers to know their progress, things they learn or discover so you can follow through when you get home. By continuously communicating with the professionals, you can help both yourself and the school in nourishing your children with the love, attention, and care that they need.


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