Buying the right stuff from an art supply stores is essential. However, for someone who is venturing into the store for the first time, things can get overwhelming pretty quick. There is just so much equipment and so many types of paints that anyone would get confused. Also it’s important to buy art supplies which fall within your budget. This by no means is an incentive to go and splurge on bargain buy products but when one is just starting, they have to keep a budget in mind.

Consider all the things which you buy from art supply stores in Melbourne an investment. These are the supplies which you would be using for a long time. For example things like easels and watercolor palettes are all used by artists whenever they paint. Also colors when used carefully can last for the longest time. It all depends on how you mix the colors and store them after use. Proper handling of the art equipment and paints would ensure the longevity of the products.

The following is a basic guide to buying your very first art supplies:

Oil paints

Oil paints come in a vast variety of colors. These tend to be highly pigmented. The vivid imagery which you can achieve with oil paints is hardly rivalled by any other paint type or medium. It is important to choose high quality art paints if you actually want a good result. While there are many cheap imitations out there one must make sure that the buy high quality stuff. You can create your own colors too by choosing a few basic paint colors. With the right experience most artists can create tertiary colors easily by mixing the primary colors that they have in their collection.

Brush sets

Choosing the first set of brushes is an important decision. There are quite a few manufacturers out there and one might feel confused whom they could trust. The best thing to do is to purchase a pre-selected brush set. You can ask for information from your teacher or other friends who are already established painters or those who have enough experience.

Buying a studio easel

Different types of easels are sued for a verity of purposes. But as an artist who is just starting it is important to choose one which would help make things easier for you. Portable easels are the best type. You can carry those around wherever you go. Also these are collapsible and fit into limited space with ease.

Acrylic paints

Acrylic paints are quite popular with artists. These are easy to use and are fun to experiment with. The drying tie of acrylics is also much faster than that of oil paints. For beginner acrylic paints can be a good medium to start with.

Buying the right art supplies is something which normally comes with trial and error for most people. However the right tips can help you make the right decision with ease. MES is an art supply store in Melbourne that provides reasonably priced but good quality supplies.


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